FAST Authorized Trainers

Quinton Quartel


Quinton is the father of FaST. It is his passion to show people other ways of working that they may never have considered before. FaST is just one way to scratch that itch.

A pioneer, he hopes that FaST will disrupt the Agile world which he says is in need of re-wilding.

Quinton writes code, teaches, mentors, trains, blogs, writes, and basically helps out any way he can. One day he might work out what to do when he grows up.

Todd Hallowell


Todd Hallowell is a seasoned Agile coach. He currently serves as a Team Lead and Sr Consultant working with priority clients consulting at all levels of the organization. Todd also curates custom workshops for clients from the team to the organization level. He has spent 10+ years gaining experience across various roles, from Project Manager to Coach. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Management from Ohio Christian University. In addition to being one of the first FAST authorized trainers he also holds certifications from LCM,, M30, and IC Agile. 

Todd is the author of the growing blog "Dr.Frankenagile’s Laboratory," which focuses on challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries on how we work and think. He has a passion for principle-driven collaboration and creation.

Per Beining


Per has been a trainer and worked with Team Development for over 30 years, the last 20+ years of which in Agile.

The typical title per uses in his work is Facilitator, Guide, Scrum Master, Coach, Agile Coach or Team Developer. 

He is well known in the community for his Graphical Facilitation skills, and is famous for his YouTube video on Scrum by the Book.

Paige Watson


Paige was part of the original experiment in org design where FaST was born.

Paige is a developer, code crafter, technical agile coach and trainer. FaST was an exciting adventure which opened up a new horizon for him. He now wants to share this way of working with others in the hope that they can experience the same awakening experience he had.