FAST Guide

The FAST Guide is the definitive document to read about Fluid Scaling Technology.

Supplemental Guides are coming soon!

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Version 3.0

Released January 2024

Key changes to the previous version:
- Descriptions and examples added for how teams resolve dependencies and break down work
- FAST method distinguished from the FAST Operating Model
- Portions removed to be supplemental separate guides, e.g., work visualizations and forecasting

en-GB English (UK) (A4 Sized Document)

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cs Czech - Petr Hýna

nl Dutch - Astrid Claessen

fr French - Olivier Gourment

de German - Christian Dähn & Sebastian Keller from bumbleflies

it Italian - Matteo Regazzi

jp Japanese - Takeo Imai, Hiroshi Ito,  Emi Kobayashi Suhr

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Previous Versions

Version 2.12

Released July 2022.

Key Changes to the previous version:

English - FaST Guide EN - Version 2.12

Spanish - FaST Guide ES - Version 2.12 

German - FaST Guide DE - Version 2.12  Thank you to Sebastian Keller and Christian Dähn from 

Polish - FaST Guide PL - Version 2.12 Thank you to Piotr Lewandowski, Kaja Owczarczyk and Michał Dwornicki

Slovak - FaST Guide Slovak - Version 2.12 Thank you to Rastislav Duriš, Eliška Furtkevičová

French - FaST Guide FR - Version 2.12 Thank you to Matthieu Lecoupeau & Jean-Yves Klein

Version 2.11

FaST Guide - Version 2.11 in PDF Format. Released Jan 2022.

Key Changes to the previous version:

Version 2.1

FAST Guide - Version 2.1 in PDF Format. Released June 2021.

Key Changes to the previous version:

Version 2.0

FaST Guide Version 2.0 in PDF Format. Released March 2021.

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