Fluid Scaling Technology (FAST) is a way for people to self-organise around work - that scales. 

Do we really need another agile method? What problems does FAST solve?

FAST set out to solve Dark Agile, Agile Scaling, and be a method that caters to product-led efforts (not just delivery).

Dark Agile

FAST hopes that making self-organisation inescapable (not just lip service) will resolve why so many agile implementations turn out dar/flaccid/zombie agile.

Talking with software developers working with traditional agile methods, you will hear a common complaint about spending too much time in meetings.  FAST set out to solve this and make an environment that software developers truly thrive in and enjoy.

Agile Scaling

How do you split work across multiple teams and keep them in sync is the challenge of agile scaling.  FAST creates a team of teams approach to solve this. This is unique in the industry as it harnesses networked organisational models with fluid teaming to create a pure, complex and adaptive system.

A network and fluid collective solves issues that static teaming and silos create:

Product-led Efforts

If you read books and materials by modern product managers like Marty Cagan, Melisa Perri, John Cutler and Teresa Torress, you will notice that agile methods pre-FaST did not help them with product work, only delivery work. Legacy agile methods were not suited for their product discovery activities, and they only recommended these agile methods for delivery work.

How is FAST different from other agile methods and frameworks?

FAST represents a step change and next-generation method/framework to agile and agility.

FAST is the first to recommend fluid teaming over static and to create a network structure rather than a siloed command of teams structure that requires heavy orchestration.

FAST is the first agile method to cater to product discovery and delivery.

FAST is extremely lightweight. It is also easy to learn and implement.

FAST can represent a much lower cost of ownership compared to other methods.

What is FAST Good For? Who Should Look at FAST?

FAST is a product-centric agile method. FAST is just as much a method for product teams as for delivery teams. Ideal for product-led organisations and ventures. 

FAST solves issues with Dark/Flaccid/Zombie Agile and Agile at Scale.

FAST represents a much lower cost of ownership due to fewer roles and lower overhead on management. FAST will be the cheapest and quickest to adopt if you want to start an agile transformation.

FAST harnesses intrinsic motivation, which increases employee engagement and lowers staff turnover.

Need more innovation? FAST sits at the cusp of chaos and complexity - where innovation is most likely to happen.

FAST can achieve more with less

Anyone doing anything creative and collaborative can benefit from FAST.

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