Open Space Technology

"The utter simplicity of OST contrasts starkly with the results commonly achieved." - Harrison Owen

I find that the largest amount of disbelief that FAST Agile
 could possibly work comes from individuals that are unfamiliar with Open Space Technology or uncertain in the power of self-organization. Please spend some time to familiarize yourself with OST by reading the recommended book below, or reading the snippets I have taken from the book and copied below, or attending an Open Space Conference e.g. Open Agile Northwest or perusing the OpenSpaceWorld.ORG website, or all of the above! If in your reading your interest is at least tweaked and you have a willingness to experiment, Harrison Owen will have done his job and you are ready to read more about FAST Agile™.

Wave Rider: Leadership for High Performance in a Self-Organizing World  by Harrison Owen

Wave Rider: Leadership for High Performance in a Self-organizing World
by Harrison Owen

History of Open Space Technology

Harrison Owen is the inventor of OST. It was first used in 1985 as a way to organize a conference with hundreds of attendees. This is how most people that are aware of OST have been exposed to it. To Harrison's surprise  "Virtually all the theory and practice relating to organizing meetings, to say nothing of organization in general, indicated that OST could not work. But it did!" - preface from Wave Rider

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