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Your offices will require a certain layout and dedicated rooms to be able to run FAST. In particular a room capable of holding an Open Space styled meeting with the entire Development Tribe - the FAST Meeting. (This room is referred to as the Forum in FAST.)

The Forum

The Forum is the permanent home of the one FAST artifact - the Project Map. Against this backdrop the FAST Project Manager (FPM) will facilitate the FAST meeting at the beginning of each iteration. As mentioned above, this area needs to be large enough to hold the entire development tribe.

Development Room(s)

You need enough development rooms to hold the right amount of teams. (The tribe breaks out into teams at the end of the FAST meeting.) Some rooms may be able to hold larger sized teams than others and a shuffle might need to be made after the marketplace phase of the FAST meeting. if a chosen room turns out to be too small to hold a team. A rough rule of thumb for number of development rooms needed is the size of the tribe divided by ten.

There is no reason that you can't use the Forum for a development room.

Ideally the teams are pair programming. Having a room capable of facilitation pair programming is ideal. Perhaps rooms might have static pairing machines in them?

There should be plenty of white boards around and at least on in every development room.

Fun Spaces

I was toying with the idea of putting Fun as one of the core values but left it out as I was worried that people may not take FAST Agile seriously were it to be there. But you can unofficially think of it as the fifth value in the FAST set of values. I have always said that "If your agile process is not fun, then you are doing something wrong". Try to make your facilities fun and have breakout rooms/activities for the tribe. I've found the most productive agile teams were also the ones that were having fun. Correlation or causation? I don't know.

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