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Who is doing FAST today?

Question: Who is doing FAST today?

Answer: Premera Blue Cross. Also - Spotify, Valve, GitHub and New Relic could be described as doing aspects of FAST

Spotify: The Spotify tribe are all co-located and work on the same project. FAST differs from the Spotify model in that FAST lets the tribe self-organize into teams where Spotify has a notion of fixed squads.

Valve: Valve allows teams to self-organize and self-manage. FAST has many aspects similar to Open Allocation as used by Valve.

For more information on Valve, read the VALVE Handbook For New EmployeesVALVE is an entertainment, software and technology company. Read more about VALVE in this blog.

GitHub: Teams self-organize: People decide they want to work on a project together

Here is a great article on GitHub - GitHub's Code for Workplace Happiness

New Relic: Developers self-selecting into full ownership teams with autonomy to decide what to work on next.

Read more and watch a video - New Relic Reinvents How We Build Software