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Who is doing FAST today?

Question: Who is doing FAST today?

Answer : Premera Blue Cross. Also - Spotify, Valve, GitHub and New Relic could be described as doing aspects of FAST

Premera Blue Cross : A health insurance company in Washington state USA.

Spotify : I was excited to read that my idea of a tribe and the max size of a tribe being Dunbar's number match the model described by Spotify. The Spotify tribe are all co-located and work on the same project. FAST differs to the Spotify tribe in that FAST lets the tribe self-organize into teams where Spotify has a notion of fixed squads.

Spotify is a company that created a music platform by the same name and have become famous for their agile process as well as their world-class service/product.

Valve : Valve allows teams to self-organize and self-manage.

For more information on Valve, read the VALVE Handbook For New EmployeesVALVE is an entertainment, software and technology company. Read more about VALVE in this blog.

GitHub: Teams self-organize: People decide they want to work on a project together

Here is a great article on GitHub - GitHub's Code for Workplace Happiness

New Relic: Developers self-selecting into full ownership teams with autonomy to decide what to work on next.

Read more and watch a video - New Relic Reinvents How We Build Software