FAST is a simple way to self-organize people around work - that scales.

FAST (also called FAST Agile or Open Space Agile) is a standalone method for a team or team of teams (tribe) to work together collaboratively and iteratively. 

FAST differs from other agile and agile scaling models in that:
  • it allows for fluid teaming
  • team self-selection and dynamic reteaming are built-in
  • it is built on Open Space Technology and not Scrum
  • it works from the small scale to the large (5-150 people)
  • self-organization is inescapable
FAST is equal parts - agile framework, culture-changing tool and way to kick-start innovation in your organization.

Fluid Process


Untethering the human spirit

within the workplace

The FAST Guide is now downloadable in PDF Format.

For a high-level overview, start with The FAST Process

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